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i'm giving up on fic. i'm tired and frustrated and i can't do it anymore. thanks for following me. sorry if i've disappointed anyone.


cleaned up my f-list.

i removed people who i haven't chatted with in the last (few) month(s.) if you feel like you've been wrongly cut, lemme know.

thanks guys.


i have a writing journal now
so if you're interested (gringrin,) all of my fanficci-ness will be there from now on :)
most of the stuff on this journal has simply been linked to in the archives over there (i don't feel right moving it over and loosing all feedback,) but there's some new stuff up (quick-links below!)
kind of still moving things around, so it's going to be messy for a bit. sorro's.

i've been posting some old stuff i have laying around for the last little bit to flesh it out a bit, so... yeah.

new tvxq drabbles;
jukebox virginity
drowning in honey
fragile plates

this has been something i've been wanting to do for such a long time now and whew, it feels nice to finally have one.
please feel free to join! watching + friending is love~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

been a long time, friendlings! how goes it on your side of the planet?


Title: Summiting
Words: 1171
Disclaimer: © MoonishLips @ Livejournal. Do not redistribute without permission. The views and opinions expressed in this piece of fiction do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the author.
Notes: Not what people have been waiting for, yes, but I like to think that it's acceptable. Fan!moment. What it feels like to loose yourself completely and watch it happening, I suppose. JaeJoong-inspired because goddamn it i have a problem.

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God Given Right [poem] (WARNING: MENTION OF RAPE.)

nothing much going on for me today; unless being a third wheel in writing class consists as remarkable. not really.
lately i've found myself disgusted with rape-culture, the MRA for defending George Sodini, and a poorly-made social commentary movie on rape at it's extremes called Dead Girl. i've also always been a bit of a feminist, so here it is, unleashed, coming out in a brutal poem that i am not the least bit sorry for.
except a little bit. sorry bb's~ ♥♥

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